Weather Resistant. Durable. Cost Effective

Secondary Containment Systems

Ground Guard Sioux Secondary Containment Systems

Dura Life Flat Panel System

The Flat Panel Containment System is designed and manufactured to be weather resistant, durable & cost effective.

The 14 gauge flat panel design offers outstanding performance and superior eye appeal over conventional corrugated containment. Longer panel length allows for a more efficient installation with less overall hardware and labor. Quickly becoming the most widely used containment system in many basins across the US.

Available Systems:

  • Rectangular Post System
    • No holes in sheets – everything drill screwed.
    • 5/8” hardware for sheet splices and drill screws for post attachment.
  • Zero Ground Disturbance System
    • Zero ground penetration and are a perfect alternative for areas where underground systems are not an option.

Available Heights:

  • 18” / 25” / 30” / 42”

Dura Life Corrugated Dynamic Loading

Secondary Containment System

Dynamic Loading Containment Systems are designed and manufactured with additional safety factors to withstand higher loads.

  • The strongest containment system on the market today without a single reported failure in the entire history of the brand.

  • Z-posts are set in concrete with a patented connection, which allows system movement due to frost heave. 

  • Designed by professional engineers that utilize state-of-the-art Finite Element Analysis tools to scrutinize every component in order to maximize durability and increase strength.

Dura Life Corrugated Ground Guard

Zero Ground Disturbance Containment Systems

Ground Guard Systems require zero ground penetration and are a perfect alternative for areas where underground systems are not an option.

  • These containment systems require ZERO ground penetration and/or disturbance eliminating timely site identification that is typically needed when installing systems requiring post holes set in concrete.

  • Ground Guard Systems take the risk of puncturing existing pipelines away by removing the threat of digging underground. 

  • Exclusively for above ground installations, Ground Guard is the toughest, all-steel system available.


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