Weather Resistant. Durable. Cost Effective

Wagon Wheel Tank Rings

Sioux Secondary Containment Wagon Wheel Tank Rings
  • Easiest, most cost-effective method in the industry to provide appropriate tank pads and bases for 400BBL, 500BBL and 750BBL steel and fiberglass tanks.

  • 12 gauge galvanized U.S.A. steel is highly resistant to rusting. Manufactured in South Dakota by industry leader of secondary containment products.

  • Quick field install with unique notched assembly, quick-attach, spoke and yoke system.

  • Easy to level and line up the rings in the tank battery. Angle iron bottom spokes will help self-level the ring with a few spins or rotations in the base sand or pea rock.

  • Designed by oil industry field men for oil field service groups. Built with common sense and safety in mind.

  • Optional centering reusable disc plate for screening pea rock and sand into appropriate angle for concave bottom tanks.

  • Standard 18” diameter center yoke to allow for tank sumps.

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